Smoked Chicken Wings

Fresh chicken wings, dry-rubbed, smoked, then slathered with our signature sauce and chargrilled. 


Jalapeno Chicken Roll-Up

Boneless chicken thigh, stuffed with cream cheese and fresh jalapeño, wrapped in bacon, basted in butter, and coated in our signature BBQ sauce.


Smoke Bombs

Hand-rolled meatballs, stuffed mozzarella cheese, wrapped with bacon, dipped in our signature BBQ sauce.


Our Smoke Bombs with an Italian cherry pepper rolled in. smokey and the pig


Smoked Chicken Tenders

Fresh chicken tenderloins, marinated in our signature BBQ sauce


*All meat is slow-smoked over hickory*

Pulled Pork

Bone-in pork shoulder, dry-rubbed in our signature seasonings, slow-smoked for over 8 hours, and pulled to perfection.


Pork Ribs 

St. Louis style fresh pork ribs, coated with our homemade dry-rub, smoked for 6 hours and basted with our signature BBQ sauce.


Beef Ribs

Fresh beef ribs, coated in our original beef rub, and smoked 4-5 hours. 



A triangular cut of bottom sirloin, covered with our original beef rub seasoning and smoked 4-5 hours.


Fresh (packer) brisket, covered with our original beef rub seasoning, and smoked for up to 15 hours. 


Chicken (all white meat add $1.00pp)

Chicken quarters rubbed in either an Italian or BBQ seasoning.


Smoked Turkey Breast 

Fresh, boneless turkey breast, rubbed with garlic, pepper, and paprika, basted in butter.


BBQ Beans

Our signature recipe of Italian sausage, roasted red peppers, and onions added to a base of pork-n-beans, smoked over hickory.


Potato Salad 

Oven-roasted red potatoes tossed with mayo, sour cream, cheddar cheese, fresh cooked bacon, and scallions. 


Salt Potatoes

Traditional salt potatoes covered in smoked butter.


Cole Slaw 

Our signature recipe of hand-cut cabbage, onion, carrot, green olive, mayo, and vinegar.


Mac & Cheese  

Elbow pasta stirred into our signature cheddar-beer sauce and mixed with fresh cooked bacon, slow-smoked over hickory until creamy and bubbling.


Pizza Salad 

Rotini, hand-cut pepperoni and sharp cheddar, green pepper, tomato, black olives, and red onion tossed in Italian dressing. 


Chef Salad

Romaine lettuce mixed with fresh garden vegetables.


Tomato and Onion Salad

Tomatoes, cucumbers, and red onions tossed with Italian seasoning, red wine vinegar, and olive oil.